Cold coffee

I love my coffee too much… And cold coffee sits somewhere in my top rank… This is totally my recipe and my take. Please feel free to experiment.

Prep Time : 5 mins

Wait Time: NA

Cooking Time : NA

Serves 2.


Good brand instant cafe 2tbsp+ 1tsp for sprinkling, sugar 2tsp, brown sugar 2tsp, cream 2-3tbsp, milk 1.5 cup, crushed ice, pinch of salt, chocolate syrup.

  1. Take a mixer grinder, put all the ingredients except chocolate sauce and run it for 1-2 min or until the sugar dissolves. Pour into 2 coffee mugs and top it with chocolate sauce and sprinkle some coffee powder for extra kick.


  • you can add coffee to 1tbsp of warm water and dissolve before adding it to mixer grinder.

  • cream, coffee powder and sugar quantity can be adjusted to ur taste.